recombee_api_client.api_requests.add_bookmark module

class recombee_api_client.api_requests.add_bookmark.AddBookmark(user_id: str, item_id: str, timestamp: Union[str, int] = UUID('103ab1a8-d038-48d5-95a4-1dadf2076dcb'), cascade_create: bool = UUID('103ab1a8-d038-48d5-95a4-1dadf2076dcb'), recomm_id: str = UUID('103ab1a8-d038-48d5-95a4-1dadf2076dcb'), additional_data: dict = UUID('103ab1a8-d038-48d5-95a4-1dadf2076dcb'))

Bases: recombee_api_client.api_requests.request.Request

Adds a bookmark of a given item made by a given user.

Required parameters:

  • user_id – User who bookmarked the item

  • item_id – Bookmarked item

Optional parameters:

  • timestamp – UTC timestamp of the bookmark as ISO8601-1 pattern or UTC epoch time. The default value is the current time.

  • cascade_create – Sets whether the given user/item should be created if not present in the database.

  • recomm_id – If this bookmark is based on a recommendation request, recommId is the id of the clicked recommendation.

  • additional_data – A dictionary of additional data for the interaction.

get_body_parameters() → dict

Values of body parameters as a dictionary (name of parameter: value of the parameter).

get_query_parameters() → dict

Values of query parameters as a dictionary (name of parameter: value of the parameter).