recombee_api_client.api_requests.insert_to_series module

class recombee_api_client.api_requests.insert_to_series.InsertToSeries(series_id: str, item_type: str, item_id: str, time: float, cascade_create: bool = UUID('413cce0a-0243-41be-8afd-4114599bec25'))

Bases: recombee_api_client.api_requests.request.Request

Inserts an existing item/series into series of given seriesId at position determined by time.

Required parameters:

  • series_id – ID of the series to be inserted into.

  • item_typeitem iff the regular item from the catalog is to be inserted, series iff series is inserted as the item.

  • item_id – ID of the item iff itemType is item. ID of the series iff itemType is series.

  • time – Time index used for sorting items in the series. According to time, items are sorted within series in ascending order. In the example of TV show episodes, the episode number is a natural choice to be passed as time.

Optional parameters:


cascade_create – Indicates that any non-existing entity specified within the request should be created (as is corresponding PUT requests were invoked). This concerns both the seriesId and the itemId. If cascadeCreate is set true, the behavior also depends on the itemType. Either item or series may be created if not present in the database.

get_body_parameters() → dict

Values of body parameters as a dictionary (name of parameter: value of the parameter).

get_query_parameters() → dict

Values of query parameters as a dictionary (name of parameter: value of the parameter).