recombee_api_client.api_requests.recommend_next_items module

class recombee_api_client.api_requests.recommend_next_items.RecommendNextItems(recomm_id: str, count: int)

Bases: recombee_api_client.api_requests.request.Request

Returns items that shall be shown to a user as next recommendations when the user e.g. scrolls the page down (infinite scroll) or goes to a next page.

It accepts recommId of a base recommendation request (e.g. request from the first page) and number of items that shall be returned (count). The base request can be one of:

All the other parameters are inherited from the base request.

Recommend next items can be called many times for a single recommId and each call returns different (previously not recommended) items. The number of Recommend next items calls performed so far is returned in the numberNextRecommsCalls field.

Recommend next items can be requested up to 30 minutes after the base request or a previous Recommend next items call.

For billing purposes, each call to Recommend next items is counted as a separate recommendation request.

Required parameters:

  • recomm_id – ID of the base recommendation request for which next recommendations should be returned

  • count – Number of items to be recommended

get_body_parameters() → dict

Values of body parameters as a dictionary (name of parameter: value of the parameter).

get_query_parameters() → dict

Values of query parameters as a dictionary (name of parameter: value of the parameter).