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Personalized Emailing


Send personalized emails that perfectly align with your users' individual taste. Whether they are seeking thrilling adventures, heartfelt dramas, or mind-bending mysteries, our personalized emails will keep them up to date with the latest and greatest titles, catering to their unique preferences.

Enhance the quality of your users' time on the platform by providing them with content recommendations tailored to their recent views and tastes. This powerful functionality allows you to recommend new releases, remind users of new episodes, and offer a range of other personalized suggestions.

Scenario Setup#

In the Recombee Admin UI, navigate to the Scenarios section and choose Create Scenario.

  1. Enter a Scenario ID, such as "email" or the name of the particular emailing campaign
  2. Choose Recommendation type - Items to User
Admin UI - Scenario Setup


The Logic defines the behavior of the recommendation engine.

This model is fine-tuned for periodic (e.g. daily) personalized emailing campaigns.

With the rotationPolicy parameter, you can control how the recommendations for the user change with each subsequent email sent. By default, there is a smart rotation that takes into account the position of recommended items and allows some of the items to re-appear in further e-mails. If you prefer not to repeat already recommended videos in the emails ever again, you can set the parameter to value total.

By default, rotation only takes into account recommendations (e-mails) at most 14 days old.

Should a longer time period be needed for your use case, kindly contact

assetType parameter specifies what type of assets will be returned (e.g. movies, series, episodes, movies and episodes, etc.).

Admin UI - Logic


Available Assets (Global Settings)
Tip: Personalized selection from the recently added videos
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