Scenario defines a particular application of recommendations at your website, your mobile app or emailing campaign. It can be for example homepage, cart or emailing-after-purchase.

You can set different behavior of the recommendations for each scenario and then monitor the performance of the scenarios in the KPI section.

Using the scenario in API

  1. Create scenario in the Web interface
    • Go to Scenario section and click Create scenario.
    • You need to set a name of the scenario and choose the recommendation endpoint which will be used in the scenario.
    Create scenario
  2. Set scenario parameter in the recommendation requests
    • Pass the name of the created scenario to scenario parameter of the recommendation request

    • Example for scenario homepage:

      client.send(new recombee.RecommendItemsToUser(userId, count,
            'scenario': 'homepage'
      ), callback);
      result = client.send(RecommendItemsToUser(user_id, count,
      result = client.send(, count,
            'scenario' => 'homepage'
      RecommendationResponse  result = client.send(
            new RecommendItemsToUser(userId, count).setScenario("homepage")
      var recombee = require('recombee-api-client');
      var rqs = recombee.requests;
      client.send(new rqs.RecommendItemsToUser(userId, count,
            'scenario': 'homepage'
      ), callback);
      $result = $client->send(new RecommendItemsToUser($user_id, $count,
            'scenario' => 'homepage'
      RecommendationResponse result = client.Send(
                RecommendItemsToUser(userId, count, scenario: "homepage")
      GET /{databaseId}/recomms/users/userId/items/?count=10&scenario=homepage

Scenario settings in the Web Interface

Once you send recommendation requests with filled scenario parameter to the API, you can set Logic which should be applied. It specifies the desired behavior of the recommendation model.

Items catalog


If you want to change the Logic in Web Interface, but logic parameter is already sent in the API requests and you are not a programmer, you can enable Override logic API parameter to use your settings from Web Interface.